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Duyu Technology; has been established to carry out research and development activities about the Defence, Agriculture, Health Services, Automotives, Transportations and Energy fields and to produce high - tech solutions and services as a result of these activities. As a projects: Spin coater, CPM and new generation control units - and the modern agricultural productions are carried out by the company partners and of course one of the fundamental reasons of the Duyu Technology's establishment is based on the company partner's decision which adresses the mechanized world that is related to the sensory parts of machines called "sensors".

Duyu Technology contaced on the 'TUBITAK' ( the scientific and technological council of Turkey ) to take a support of thier projects entitled with the name " Fuel Tanks Overfill Sensor's Improvements and the Productions" in 2013, and behind of the request, The Company has been obtained so many informations and knowledge in preliminary investgation stage since 2011. With the leading approval of the "TUBITAK" - Duyu Technology starts its projects which includes the three different types of SEnsors, and the "SAFFZEN 101" is the first one of them, and SAFFZEN 101 finishes all 5-wire testings related to overfill sensors and takes the certifications ( CE Ex ) in 2015 September, and SAFFZEN 101" has been presented to the markets in 2015 October.